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LINEA + / Denver Oak

Denver Oak

  • Non-adhesive installation
  • Pressure and scratch resistance
  • Suitable for floor heating
  • Easy to clean
  • Environmentally friendly

Thickness – This parameter describes thickness of laminate flooring, like 7 to 12 mm. The thicker laminate is, the more stable and resistant for various distortions.

Abrasion class – Attribute which directly specifies durability of laminate flooring. The higher class, the more durable the top layer of floor is. Highest abrasion class (AC5, AC6) laminates, as for high abrasion durability, are often used in public spaces.

V-groove – Special cutter treatment of plank edges, which reminds V letter. Main features of 4 side v-groove are imitation of parquets and, more important, increased durability of that kind of laminate floor.

Gloss of wood

The floor is suitable for water underfloor heating

Length/Height: 1383 x 193 mm
Pieces in package 10
Package 2,669 m2
Guarantee: 15 years
Purpose: apartments, hotel rooms, detached houses
Denver Oak


Denver Oak